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  1. The Campaign
    The " Raya Carnival 2020 " campaign is a time-limited offer of Reload and Win a prize ("Promotion") launched by Asia81.
  2. Prize List
    The " Raya Carnival 2020 " campaign also offers other prizes. Refer below for the full list of prizes during this campaign.
    Prize List
    Grand Prize $2388
    2nd Prize $1288
    3rd Prize $888
    4th Prize $588
    5th Prize $288
    6th Prize $138
    7th Prize $88
    8th Prize $38
    9th Prize $18
    10th Prize $8
  3. Eligibility
    The Promotion is open to all new and existing Asia81 subscribers. Asia81 subscribers must be of 21 age and above. All Asia81 subscribers are to comply with general condition of not having more than 1 account per individual. Subscribers who deemed to have more than 1 account is not eligible and risk having their accounts banned.
  4. Promotion Period & Ticket Validity
    1. The Promotion is offered from 20-05-2020 00:00:01 and ends on 02-06-2020 23:59:59.
    2. Ticket entitlement is determined by minimum $100 deposit. With every $100 deposit, members will be given 1 ticket, UNLIMITED number of tickets to be earned daily throughout the event, the more you deposit the more ticket you receive.
    3. Tickets are given based on the amount deposited at each time instead of a combined amount per day.
    4. Members who have earned tickets are given 1 extra day to utilize the tickets earned after the event end date. Unused tickets after 03-06-2020 [23:59:59 - GMT +8] will be VOIDED and no refund or extension will be entertained.
  5. Terms of Campaign
    1. Under this Campaign, prizes will be given out as stipulated in Clause 2.
    2. Credit Prizes are subjected to 8 times rollover requirement before it can be withdrawn. i.e. 2nd Prize offers $1288 therefore 1288 x 9 = 11,592 rollover requirements. Definition of rollovers derives to amount of actual/successful bets.
    3. General Promotional Terms & Conditions apply.